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tricky ways fasal
tricky ways fasal” is the little brother of “cuboro tricky ways”. “cuboro tricky ways” has been very well received by the public, so the cuboro Ltd. decided to produce, in parallel to the noble wood version, a less expensive version out of „fasal“: the result is „tricky ways fasal“! fasal is an injection mouldings granulate and mainly consists of wood (PEFC-certified) and other natural material of renewable resources. In addition, fasal contains a small portion of PP to conform the EN 71/3 standards. Game concept - The path is the goal: as for „tricky ways fasal“ new and longer paths leading to various finish fields are to be found constantly. The longer a path is the more valuable it becomes. cuboro, the ingenious marble track system becomes an entertaining board game for the whole family. As for the simple game version in which tracks lead through the channels on the surface, already children from age 6 can collect many points! The full version including the tunnel functions even challenges those loving riddles and tough strategists!
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