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Barbara and Matthias Etter

The cuboro marble track system production start dates back to 1986. Under the label “cuboro the marble track for a lifetime” the Swiss company cuboro Ltd., founded in 1997 with headquarters in Hasliberg Reuti/BE, distributes the cuboro marble track system made of beech wood exclusively produced in Switzerland. Under the label” edition cuboro” the company cuboro Ltd. also distributes other products such as e.g. board and strategy games. Matthias Etter, founder of the company and inventor of the cuboro marble track system, operates the cuboro Ltd. together with his wife Barbara.

Isabelle Sproll-Imhasly

Administration, Marketing, finances and human ressources

Carol Suter

Responsible customer and order management, Social media and website, Administration, Assistant Production Planning

Frederique Vanetti

Customer and ordering system

Mission statement

In the centre of our actions are sustainability and pleasure in meaningful toys. cuboro products are produced environmentally safe and socially acceptable by including regional resources as far as possible. The intentionally chosen production place Switzerland for our solid-wood products is to meet our demand of high quality and sustainability. We regard it as our mission to provide the world with top-quality products featuring highly educational value for young and old.

History of origins

cuboro was developed in 1976 by Matthias Etter when working with special-needs schoolchildren. He extended the game and marketed it as a family game in 1985 with twelve basic elements (in multiple editions). Little by little, additional sets were issued offering ever-increasing possibilities with the new elements. Today the cuboro program comprises 82 different elements.

Besides winning several awards and a large community of players, cuboro also gradually gained attention as a comparative system. Thus, today, cuboro is not “only” played for disport, but is also used as teaching material, in scientific studies on spatial imagination, in occupational therapy, in team trainings, for aptitude tests, in promotional concepts, in theme parks and for championships.


Production of cuboro solid-wood products in Switzerland

cuboro is exclusively manufactured of Swiss beech wood. Since 1986 the processing has been in the hands of a highly specialized joinery, a family business, in the area Emmental/Oberaargau. Most woodworking is done by machine but can’t be industrialized.
Those production surroundings guarantee the cuboro system’s uniquely high quality and gaming value.

With our existing infrastructure, we are unable to meet the high demand right away. We are doing everything possible to meet the demand soon again.

Production of EDITION cuboro products in Europe

Under the label ”EDITION cuboro” the company cuboro Ltd. also distributes board and strategy games such as “tricky ways fasal“ and “babel pico“. These games are made of „fasal“ by FASAL WOOD GmbH in Austria/Croatia. „fasal“ is a wood-compound raw material consisting mainly of wood (PEFC-certified) and other renewable raw materials featuring only a small content of PP, thus according to the EN 71/3-Norm for toys.

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