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The cuboro marble track system is perfectly suitable for fostering gifted students, occupational therapy, animation and team trainings. Matthias Etter, cuboro inventor and author of the didactic work „cuboro creative thinking“ conducts workshops, presentations and teacher trainings on these areas. Events are listed in the news section on our website Please contact us for individually designed team trainings, competitions, school or business events.

School Education

In 2010, the exciting teaching material for the cuboro marble track system "cuboro creative thinking" was released in cooperation with ZKM publishing house. These instructions drawn up by inventor Matthias Etter, give pupils concrete exercises applicable to different studying areas. If tasks are applied purposefully, the cuboro marble track system provides a multi-purpose teaching aid with which advancement aims from kindergarden level up to gifted education can be fulfilled. At the same time, creativity, concentrativeness, diligence, patience and, as in group tasks, the ability to work in a team are fostered.

Team Training

The cuboro marble track system poses a perfect instrument for developing communicational and cooperational skills in a team. For issue-oriented projects the cuboro system can function as a symbol or comparative medium.

Occupational Therapy

The game can be used in a number of ways within ergo-therapeutic training (sensorimotor activity and intellectual capabilities). Functions such as concentration, visual memory, comprehension of instructions, constructive spatial sense, hand-eye coordination, tactile-kinaesthetic perception etc. can be trained using cuboro.


The cuboro marble track system is very popular among animators for company events, team building sessions, anniversaries, public events etc. The cuboro animation set allows for various forms of competitions, team building tasks and riddles as well as animation to play for young and old.
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